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Dipping a toe into Pathfinder

Recently, I started taking a closer look at Pathfinder 2e and I have to say that I like it rather more than I expected. Clearly, I've slept on this one a bit, even the second edition isn't exactly new at this point. But it is never too late to discover a new game you like.

And there certainly seems to be a lot to like. I like the character customisation, which isn't a big surprise as this is clearly one of Pathfinder's strong suits. Pathfinder 2e really seems to have a very solid approach towards organising its many feats and handing them out in a steady stream, allowing players to really make their character their own without making the fundamental choices of class and ancestry meaningless. I also like the encounter building system that, if what I've read around the web is to be believed, actually works as advertised. But, most of all, I applaud Paizo for their decision to make the rules, including all classes, ancestries, spells, monsters, and feats from sourcebooks, available for free. That opens up so many possibilities for the community to build tools for the game. And sure enough, there are character builders, encounter builders, and comprehensive VTT support. To say nothing of the rules database.

But this isn't a review. More a note to say that I have, belatedly, discovered Pathfinder and hope to get an opportunity to play it sometime soon. In the meantime, I have created a simple tool to use at the table to keep track of Pathfinder's various exploration activities. It is available as part of the recently launched Pathfinder Infinite program. You can get it here.

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