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A New Adventure

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

I've been enjoying role-playing games for many years, both as player and GM. When running games I like to create physical components and handouts for the players. I'm also doing a fair bit of writing to create content for my games. So I thought, why not share the results of these efforts more widely?

In the past, I've shared some of my creations with the online communities. They were usually well received, but they are also scattered across the internet. What I wanted was a place where I could collect the things I create. A central place to share my work. A place you can come back to, to discover new things or to be reminded of ones you saw before but didn't have any immediate use for. I hope that this website will be that place.

I anticipate that the things I share here will mostly come out of the games I play in. Game aids that I found to be helpful in running games. Adventures I ran for my group and then wrote up. Background material on a faction in our game that might be transplanted into yours. It may also happen that I'm struck with inspiration for something that doesn't immediately fit into my gaming schedule but that I flesh out to share here anyway (one of these is currently waiting for an opportunity to get play tested).

The products I'll offer here will be hosted on DriveThruRPG, mostly because it gives me a convenient way to distribute updates. Many of the products will be available for free. Others I will make available on a pay-what-you-want basis, or even charge a fixed price, if that seems justified. Not because I expect to make a lot of money from this, but to help me sustain the creation of future content.

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